Record Retrieval and Discovery | Indianapolis Litigation Support Group LLC.

Record Retrieval and Discovery

From generating the necessary legal documents to delivery of the records, IndyLSG handles every aspect of document discovery.  The records are delivered on time to your desk or computer desktop certified for immediate use.


Health facilities merge, doctors change jobs, and some facilities cease to exist.  We know you may not always have the most complete and accurate information during your initial phase of discovery.  When provided limited or partial information, you can trust that IndyLSG will thoroughly research your order to locate the right people and facilities.


IndyLSG has a history of handling hundreds of thousands of requests from law firms, insurance companies, and corporations throughout the Midwest and beyond.  Our extensive database of physicians and hospitals helps expedite orders the moment they are received.  Our dedicated case coordinators know the ins and outs of numerous facilities having up-to-date contact information and knowledge of where to send the appropriate paperwork and fee checks.   


No matter what type of records your firm or company is seeking, IndyLSG can assist you.  Our professional case coordinators generate all legal paperwork needed to obtain records including subpoenas, authorizations, non-party requests for production, and waivers to opposing counsel within hours of your order being placed.

If you have a tight deadline, we stay on top of your order following up as much as needed to ensure your records arrive on time.  We understand how situations requiring records may arise suddenly, and are committed to reducing the stress our clients face in light of such situations.

Efficient and Cost-Effective

IndyLSG can turn time lost obtaining records into solid billable hours so that you and your staff are free to focus on more important tasks.  IndyLSG pays most custodian fees up front, eliminating your need to write numerous checks for the same case. We also fight to keep costs down and work hard to prevent records custodians from charging excessive fees.  We know the rules of discovery pertaining to custodian fees and have argued effectively over the years to keep our clients from being gouged. 


Each member of our staff has had certified HIPAA security training  and is well versed in many states’ Trial Rules and HIPAA privacy rules. We pride ourselves in compliance to both state and federal regulations. We know the proper documents to utilize and follow the proper procedures for each facility. You can be confident that all aspects of your discovery will be handled properly and ethically. 


Whether you are on the side of the defense, the plaintiff or other, IndyLSG has the solution you need to obtain records.  Some of the types of records IndyLSG regularly obtains include the following:

  • Medical Records
  • Billing Records 
  • X-Rays
  • Employment Records 
  • Social Security Records
  • Academic Records
  • Tax Records
  • Banking Records
  • Police Reports
  • Fire/Ambulance Run Reports
  • Telephone and Email Records
  • Military and Veterans Records

Record Providers and Facilities 

Let's face it.  Custodians of records and the people legally responsible for maintaining records sometimes change jobs or make mistakes.  They may send only part of the records you requested.  Other times, the records are delivered, but without the certification needed for them to be used as evidence in a trial.  You can't afford to start over when the records you obtained should have been right the first time.  From the moment you place an order, you can rest assured that IndyLSG will continue to follow up on your order until you are satisfied.  


Our clients are diverse and so are the methods we employ to obtain and deliver records.  Whether you are with a defense team or on the side of the plaintiff, IndyLSG can provide the necessary help and legal forms to obtain your records and provide them in the format you need.  


IndyLSG can customize a billing cycle that fits your needs.  Whether you  weekly, monthly, quarterly, or third party billing, we have the flexibility for accommodation and accept a variety of payment methods. 

Confidentiality and Security

We understand how sensitive and private your information is.  Maintaining trust in the legal community is our number one priority.  You can rest assured that your information is safe and secure with IndyLSG.

Technology and Infrastructure

IndyLSG’s secure servers and offices meet and exceed all State and Federal guidelines and have been carefully crafted to go above and beyond the most stringent corporate guidelines.