Security and Compliance | Indianapolis Litigation Support Group LLC.

Security and Compliance

Indianapolis Litigation Support Group LLC (IndyLSG) is an Indiana LLC that operates throughout the State of Indiana and beyond performing various types of legal support work, including, but not limited to pre-trial discovery for both defense and plaintiff law firms and attorneys throughout the USA.  IndyLSG and its former company have been operating since 2003 in this capacity and have never compromised any confidential information or any Protected Health Information.
IndyLSG takes privacy and confidentiality very seriously and has policies in place to protect the personal information of all parties it encounters in any case in which it is involved.  IndyLSG has more stringent privacy and confidentiality practices and policies than many Health Information Providers it has encountered.  It would not be in the interest of IndyLSG to treat PHI and confidential information otherwise, as such practices would have ensured the company's demise years ago.
The role of IndyLSG is to assist attorneys and help move the litigation process along more smoothly and economically, much like any support staff an attorney might choose to hire.   After records are obtained, they are delivered directly to the ordering attorney with copies and/or access made available for other attorneys of record who have asked for them.  IndyLSG purges all records from it's databases when instructed by clients or opposing counsel when cases settle, judgments rendered, or due to Extenuating circumstances. 
IndyLSG strictly follows the rules of HIPAA and federal law, Indiana state law and the Indiana Trial Rules. We are not attorneys, nor do we engage in the practice of law, but merely follow the instructions of the attorneys with whom we work, just as their own support staff.

If needed, IndyLSG can construct an affidavit of confidentiality to suit you and/or your client's specific needs.