Web Based Records Retrieval | Indianapolis Litigation Support Group LLC.

Web Based Records Retrieval

Easy Order Forms – Intelligent forms make for less keystrokes and faster ordering.

Case-based Repository - Access and store all your case-related files in our secure repository so they can be quickly accessed by case name and/or other search criteria by anyone granted permission via a user name and password.  

Secure and interoperable - Our web-based case management software and in-house servers are consistently monitored and updated to defend against security breaches and hackers.  Since 2003, IndyLSG has protected files and case information proactively and utilizes the highest standards to keep your information confidential. 

Notification - Face it, not all documents are so easy to retrieve.  Every now and then circumstances outside of anyone's control arise.  Know and keep track of every step of the document retrieval and discovery process.  From the moment you place an order, you can start tracking an order's progress.  Whenever a problem does arise, you will be notified via a detailed email right away.

Fast page loads - Significantly reduces bandwidth consumption for web-based records retrieval, and pages load quickly since the payload coming down is much smaller in size.

Searchable online status reports - Our database is updated in real time to give you the most current information possible.  You know the up-to-the minute status of any records any time of the day, 365 days a year with a simple check of the online status reports.  Status reports are also searchable, so you can find information easily.  

Electronic delivery of documents - No more searching for that one copy of records sent to you months ago.  Print records straight from you browser or burn them to a disk.  Download them to your computer and email them to opposing counsel, co-counsel or expert witnesses.  TIFFs or PDFs are accessible with a few simple keystrokes.

Windows and Mac Compatible - No special software required or applications to install - All you need is access to the Internet.